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Winda-Mara is committed to providing quality throughout its services. In support Winda-Mara pursues the embedding of Quality Management System and is currently accredited with ISO 9000 2016 standards. The Quality Compliance and Risk Management policy adopt and endorse the principles of Quality Management and seek to embed this in the mindset and behaviours of all staff across the organisation.  Quality at the point of service delivery with community and the organisation is what we seek. We review and evaluate our services periodically and apply continuous improvement practice to create value for the organisation.


In support of this the following documents are promoted for use by all who seek to engage and work with the organisation. Completed forms can be sent to or handed to service staff/reception.


Winda-Mara welcomes and encourages feedback on its services. We value and seek community input through various sessions held across Winda-Mara and on Community Advisory committees.


Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation values its members, clients, staff, contractors and visitors who are involved in the Corporation. Winda-Mara believes that people who are engaged by or interact with the Corporation deserve to be treated professionally and with respect.  Equally all staff and members deserve to have a safe place of work.  In order to affect the above, Winda-Mara has developed this Code of Conduct. Winda-Mara is committed to providing a child safe environment and adopts the child safe standards throughout our programs.

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