Winda-Mara's Land Management Unit manages over 3000 hectares of Aboriginal-owned land spanning over 10 properties, all which are considered culturally significant to the local people and now all under the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape.


The Unit's team of Budj Bim Rangers are responsible for all on-ground activities on all the properties, including cultural site protection, weed and pest control, facilities and asset maintenance and development, environmental works, revegetation, maintenance and construction of fences and livestock operations. The Budj Bim Rangers are a mixture of experienced hands and young people starting to learn about Land Management through our Caring for Country and Working on Country programs.

Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation drives a number of initiatives in relation to Culture, Heritage and Tourism. Many of the initiatives are in partnership with Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation and other key Government and non-Government agencies.


  • The Lake Condah Sustainable Development Project

  • The Bessiebelle Sheepwash & Yards Restoration Project

  • The Budj Bim Eco Village Feasibility Project

  • The Budj Bim Trails Project

Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Tyrendarra Indigenous Protected Area Management Action Plan 2019-2022

Kooreelah Plan of Management 2021-2025

Weeyn Yarkeen Strategy

Indigenous Protected Area (IPA)

Fire Management Plan 2020-2022

Budj Bim Tours

For more information regarding Budj Bim Tours please contact Budj Bim Tours on 0458 999 315 or visit the website