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Our Community Services Team cover many areas of support to our community.

Koorie Pre School Assistant Program (KPSA)

Willan Playgroup

Building The Dream Program

Youth Mentor Program

Cultural Strengthening


Regional Local Justice Program


Bringing Them Home Worker

For more information regarding any of the listed programs please contact the Community Services Manager on 03 5527 0000 or via


Winda-Mara's team of KPSA’s are working hard to ensure that any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are eligible for Kinder are going or preparing to go. The team liaise between the Kindergartens and parents to try and make the process easy for enrolment in both 3 & 4-year-old Kinder. We cover Heywood, Portland, Hamilton and surrounding towns for this program. 


Playgroups are run throughout the year and are supported by the KPSA's and Oz Child - Portland. Playgroups are ran in Heywood and Hamilton and have had a number of visiting services such as Maternal and Child Health and a Speech therapist.



Our focus is on each child and what they need to reach their goals. Our workers work with the whole family, supporting them work through any issues at school. A steering committee was established to engage with stakeholders such as the schools, KESO’s and SW TAFE. 

The after school program runs in both Heywood and Hamilton for both Primary and Secondary students where a tutor is available for students and includes the children being transported to and from the program.
We continue to build and enhance children’s understanding of Culture and being connected to country theme into our programs, which allows children to explore and be strong in their identity.



Youth Mentoring Program

This new and exciting program for youth engages young people in the Heywood/Portland/Hamilton area and matching them with a Mentor within our community. This program includes young people and mentors participating in activities to see whether they connect, ensuring the participants needs and skills are appropriate. The program is very informal and is based on what the young people want to do and achieve.
Through this program we hope to increase the young people's awareness of culture and community through a range of activities such as cultural camps and activities, information sessions and team building exercises. 

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BTD and CS



Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation manages 31 housing properties across Heywood, Portland and Hamilton - accommodating 60 Aboriginal people, with another 40 people on our housing waiting list. Our houses are located across three centres:

  • Heywood 20 houses

  • Portland 5 houses

  • Hamilton 6 houses

The Housing program is overseen by the Housing Sub-Committee and their hard work ensures the best possible outcomes for our tenants, the houses and Winda-Mara with the Sub Committee meeting monthly.

Eligibility to apply to go on the Winda-Mara's Housing List:

  • Must be Aboriginal or Parent of Aboriginal children

  • A member of Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation

Winda-Mara has a Housing Maintenance team to do the property maintenance. To download a Housing Maintenance form please click on the document below. 

For more information on the Housing program or to apply for Housing please contact the Community Services Manager on 03 55270 000. 

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Our Regional Local Justice Program supports the community when dealing with the Sherriff, local police and court. The position operates the Community Based Orders program and ensure appropriate places are offered to each participant. The Justice Worker works closely with the Sherriff and can provide various activities for participants to engage with including artefact making, on country visits and support participants with referrals to support services.

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