Women’s Health Day at Lake Condah Mission

On the 13th Feb 2014, the Health Unit is holding a Women’s Health Day at Lake Condah Mission.

As this day is focused around Women’s Health & Well-being, the Health Unit is targeting women over 18 years of age. As it is also a bit of a pamper day, could we please limit children attending, new born babies who need to be with mum are welcomed.

If you have any queries regarding this, please call the Health Unit, for clarification.

Topics that will be covered are:

  • Dr. Joanna Keen – Pap smears

  • AHW’s – Health Checks

  • Tess Howells – Psychologist

  • Lucy Hodson – Solicitor – Family Violence Prevention Legal Service (FVPLS)

  • Dr. Malinda Tustian – Menopause information

  • Bev Greet – Wulumperi – Melb Sexual Health Centre

  • Jody-Lee Robbins – Massages

  • Wendy McGarvie – Reflexology

  • Liz Astbury - Hairdresser

  • Jodie Dalton – Centrelink

  • Arts & Crafts

Morning and afternoon tea and lunch will be provided. Transport will be supplied, so please contact the Health Unit to place your name on our list.

Could you please pass on this information to any women that you think may be interested in attending. If you need further information, please call WMAC’s Health Unit (03) 5527 0000.

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